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I won a CHIUstream challenge, people. I can't tell you how giddy I am about it, I'm so excited. I've been doing these challenges for a while now, because they're fun, incredibly motivating and keep me learning and doing, but I've never expected to win - this is too amazing!!

You should check it out at:
Lots of cool things happening over there - interviews, challenges, contests and inspirational art. Go check it out!

The challenge was to draw or paint a strange lycanthrope and I did a Were-Chicken:…

Big thanks all around, to Lar deSouza for choosing the theme and picking me as the winner (Check out his interview, btw), to Bobby Chiu for making it all possible with the wonderful things he's doing and to everyone else who helped to get me to where I am now and wasn't a few months back. It's been a fun, wild ride and it ain't over yet :D


Other links:

Lar deSouza:

Bobby Chiu / Imaginism Studios:
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Happy New Year, everybody! :D

Here's to an awesome 2010 - a year of possibilities, creativity, learning and activity - Cheers!
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Yeah, okay it's been October for a while now, in fact it's almost over, but great titles are hard to come by. And really, it's been forever since my last entry, so excuse me for being a little excited.

Anyway, I'm working on a few pieces that have all been conceived within this month and so are a bit on the creepy side, though I always try to include some humor as well. You've already seen the first of these pieces, 'At The Bus Stop', and more will follow soon enough, most, hopefully, before Halloween. I might even throw in something written.

If this ends up being my last entry for the next year or so, I wish you all a happy Halloween, happy holidays and a happy New Year.

Nothing terribly new, just changed my avatar back to the bloody bunny teeth I had once before. Plus, that Spider-Pig thing was way old and needed to go.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :D
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Spider-Pig is a popular little dude :D More than 40 favorites already, which is a lot more than I've ever achieved before, it being two digits and all.

Guess that's what happens when you do fanart of something so funny and so current as the Simpsons Movie.

But I must say, I'm really taken aback by this. Trouble figuring out what to do next. Still, terribly happy :D
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Yep, I've gotten a lot of writing done lately, all of which is up.
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In case you hadn't noticed. I didn't get any chance to write anything while on vacation, but I am at it now. The story I'm writing will be based on actual events - more or less. And it'll be humourous, too :D
The place I'm staying has Internet. I'm not completely cut off, then. Stil can't post any art, though - laptop has none of the programs I use, but if I get any time to write, I might just do that and obviously upload it if I get the chance.

Getting permission to use the available Internet as often as I'd like is as plausible as eating a single Pringle without craving yet another, but here's hoping (you can't see it, but I'm actually crossing my fingers).

Again, stay cherry - yeah, it's a typo, but wouldn't it be grand if I could spread the expression "stay cherry", you know, like action figures.

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To all who care, I'm going on vacation for a week - back next saturday.

Stay cherry :D
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Part 3 is up again, looking better than ever. Hope you'll read it.